Macquarie CMA Integration

BMR Corporate Solutions is proud to announce that we have successfully integrated an electronic bank account application with Macquarie Bank for their Cash Management Account (CMA). This application is available for users who establish an SMSF using the BMR system, and is can be accessed once the order has been completed. To allow the successful completion of the electronic application, the BMR system requires your Macquarie Bank Company Advisor details along with your ESI Credentials. These details only need to be entered once and are available for use with every SMSF establishment order when completed. Once these details have been entered and are saved in the system, users are able to use the Macquarie account application process. The system has been designed in such a manner whereas the user has the ability to complete the online application at a later date, not just when the SMSF is established. BMR believes that the ability to initiate a Macquarie Cash Management Account online as part of the SMSF setup process is a big step forward and increases efficiency while reducing errors in data entry. The Macquarie integration is offered at zero cost to the user. BMR has no access to the account and does not receive any reward from Macquarie for the establishment of this account. Registered users can update their Macquarie details by selecting the “My Account” tab, once they are logged into the BMR system.