Automated ABN TFN Application

We are excited to announce the successful automation of the Australian Business Number (ABN) and Tax File Number (TFN) application process.

Registered users are now able to apply to the Australian Business Register (ABR) for an ABN and TFN from within the BMR system after completing a SMSF establishment or after completion of our joint document, containing a corporate trustee and SMSF. The automated application process utilises the specific fund and Tax Agent details and requires minimum data entry to complete the application. All required declarations are included and adhered to before lodging the application electronically on your behalf.

The system will provide the information supplied to the ABR and will also show alert the user as to if the application has been successful or not. If the application has been successful, the ABN will be supplied and the TFN will be available through the Tax Agent's portal shortly after the ABN has been supplied. If the application is not accepted, the application reference number is supplied to the user who can then follow up with the Australian Taxation Office.

BMR do not act or offer to as Tax Agents, nor do we store any details received from the ABR on our servers.